LOST IN SPACE In this all-new point & click adventure game you'll play as Will Robinson, Dr. Zachary Smith and Robot. They need your help to solve the mystery of their missing Jupiter 2 crewmates. After being trapped in a cave on a late-night rock hunting excursion, Will returns to the spaceship only to find that it's been raided during the night! Team up with the mercurial Dr. Smith and the always-faithful Robot, to unravel the mystery behind the disappearance of Will's parents (John and Maureen), his sisters (Judy and Penny) as well as Major Don West. Their journey will take them on a perilous adventure across various locations from deep dangerous caves to convict-filled derelict spaceships! Lost in Space – the Adventure Game will return you to the imaginative world of the beloved 60's television series. The game is designed to be the spiritual "fourth season" that fans have always craved. Recreated with loving detail to perfectly capture the personalities of all the members of the Jupiter 2. From the precociously adventurous Will Robinson to the pragmatic yet protective B9 Robot. From the stoic and brave Professor John Robinson to the skittish, antic-filled Dr. Smith. This original adventure will also mark the return of numerous, famous villains from the original series. Lost In Space - The Adventure Game is coming soon to PC and consoles. Join us on Discord and Twitch to find out the latest news and watch the development of the game.
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